Here is the summary of my cancer treatment as it stands now. It’s aggressive but we’re giving it our best shot to to wipe this thing out the first time.

1.  Start with CHEMOTHERAPY

  • 8 weeks of Adriamycin and Cylyophosphamide
  • 12 weeks of Taxol, Perjeta and Herceptin 

2. Post chemo SURGERY

  • Aiming for a lumpectomy if chemotherapy sufficiently reduces tumor(s) size
  • Possible single or double masectomy 

3. Post surgery RADIATION

  • Several weeks of radiation 5 days a week


  • Continue Herceptin once a week for one year

Side Effects

Chemotherapy: Nausea, severe fatigue, hair loss, bone marrow suppression (increased risk of infection), neuropathy, suppressed/loss of fertility