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I have recently written about my need for support as I go toe-to-toe with cancer. If you are interested in helping, welcome! I am honored and touched that you would connect with me during this difficult time.

As you probably know, I am our family’s sole provider. As a result, being diagnosed with stage III breast cancer 5 days after starting my own practice was not the timing I had in mind. The financial strain of starting a new business and not having the energy to put my full weight behind it creates the biggest unknown- and therefore produces the most stress- on us right now.

This has been made harder by complications and unforeseen costs associated with out office build out. It was my dream to create space that meets our client’s needs from start to finish. I’ve wanted to improve the way Montana families interface with the legal system, and my goal in starting Element was simply to put clients first, treat them the way I would want to be treated, and use modern tools to improve efficiency and create a more cost-effective model for clients. I am so excited to offer a better alternative to the costly and burdensome path of traditional litigation strategies, and especially to more robustly protect children from family law conflict. It has been 5 years in the making, and included changing state law, but I am on the cusp of realizing my vision. 

However, the timing on the office project presents a huge problem and we have hit several setbacks that threaten the sustainability of the practice. I am willing to do anything I can to keep my amazing staff employed (they are beyond deserving) and to keep food on my family’s table (quite literally). Normally, I would roll up my sleeves and just work harder. I am a grit and grindstone gal, after all. However, cancer has put me on my heels. I simply cannot power through this on my own. Therefore, anything I can do to reduce the cost of this project is hugely meaningful.

Now, I am looking for donations of funds, labor, and materials from local businesses and individuals to help us survive. I have worked hard as a volunteer in our community, and I am proud of the services we provide at little to no cost to qualifying Element clients. I know what a big difference a little generosity can make, and as hard as it is to ask, I have faith our community will come together around me as well. 

If you own a local business or have connections with those who can provide materials or labor, I am looking for that support.

Also, I will happily add sponsor logos to my race day shirt to broadcast businesses that felt compelled to help out one of their own. (To see my most recent race day experience, click here.)

As hard as it is to ask, protecting my family and employees means everything to me. So does realizing my dream of improving legal services for Montana families. I appreciate the help anyone takes in response to this call to action. It means the world to me to have so many caring individuals and organizations pulling for me. Surviving cancer is more than fighting the disease in my body. It is overcoming all the tangential storms that form as a result of my compromised status in life right now. It is through the generous help of people like you that I know I will beat this. 

Thank you for that, from the bottom of my heart for your generosity. It means more to our family than I will ever be able to adequately express.