I have Stage 3 invasive ducal carcinoma, aka breast cancer. I have a good sized mass in my left breast and the cancer has spread (not metastisized) to some lymph nodes nearby. They technically call this “associated ducal carcinoma in situ” meaning it’s breast cancer that is hanging out like a jerk in my lymph nodes. That means it is not lymphoma or anything  like that.

There is some really awesome news though. First, it hasn’t metastisized to any other organs or bone. (For a recap on that process, click here)

This is hugely positive and one reason I am confident I will survive this.

Second, it is the most common form of breast cancer, Her2/neu positive. Common in the cancer world is good. For once in my life, I am glad to be common.Common means there has been lots of research and they have excellent therapies for someone like me. Common means I am standing on the shoulders of amazing researchers and people who have sadly suffered more than I likely will. I think about that a lot and while I am so grateful for this good news, I recognize the pain around that and I am mindful of this precious gift I’ve been given.

I will undergo a few more tests to rule some things out, but at this point we pretty much know what we are dealing with.

Fortunately, it’s manageable.

While there were some really scary days where we feared the worst, and it is no cake walk moving forward, the dust has settled a bit and we know where we stand. It’s by no means easy but I will survive. So if you were looking to get rid of me, you’ll just have to wait another 60 years.

Give em’ hell.


I actually have two tumors in my left breast. One, is the more aggressive invasive ductal carcinoma. The other is a larger tumor but is less aggressive type called ductal carcinoma in situ. Both are Her2/neu positive and should respond well to the aggressive chemotherapy/surgery/radiation treatment plan I am on. Neither were easily spotted on a mammogram- so be sure to do frequent physical exams, everyone!