The Chair

Things I’m learning as I sit:

  • In a relationship, two halves do not make a whole. Broken does not mend broken.
  • I want to believe there is good in the world – sometimes I do nice things for other people just to prove it to myself.
  • You absolutely cannot give what you do not have. It will deplete you both if you try.
  • We are all stunningly differently abled.
  • “It’s going to be okay” no longer means the storm has passed. It means I have everything I need to endure it.
  • You cannot fill a cup with a hole in it. I am a previously unexamined leaky cup.
  • All people want to be heard, acknowledged and above all else, loved. There is never too much or enough love.
  • The only way out is through. Note: Through sodding hurts.

All are advice I could have absently given any friend a week ago. Now, the familiar is unfamiliar and so deeply known all at once. How sincerely lovely.

Give ‘Em Hell

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  1. Lisa says:

    Life is full of uncertainties, and with those uncertainties looming ahead of us all we can do certainly is love. Love ourselves and love one another. Xoxo


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