All the Children

White privilege is realizing your children will have access and opportunities black children will not have – in the US and especially globally.

My children are wildly privileged. They are growing up white, upper middle class, in a high net worth area with a stay at home parent. They want for nothing and literally mostly fear bear attacks which are statistically unlikely.

My job is to raise our children with awareness of their privilege. It means we need to start having hard discussions about race. It means we have to start exploring what color the children’s hands are that pick the minerals out of the earth for their iPads.

To be an ally and activist, I have to not only educate my children, but I have to want what is best for all the world’s children, not just my own. It means acting in a way that is in alignment with that goal.

It is time we start parenting all the children: wanting the best for them, tending to them, and protecting them as our own. Our children are watching us. Show them what is right.

Give ‘Em Hell

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