On Grief

I almost started to write that grieving stinks. I meant to imply something negative about how grieving feels.

But therein lies the difference. Grieving is uncomfortable. It is definitely painful. But it is not, in itself, bad.

It is important that in this time, just as in times of joy, I lean in to the experience. I will let the feelings wash over me and float lazily down their river. Although reluctantly, I will take deep breaths of fear and agony and let it breakdown inside me as I gasp for more air.

The point of life is not joy. It is not a life free from pain. It is a life made whole by the pain. The joy made sweeter by the bitterness. The highs elevated by the lows.

This grief pins me down sometimes. It’s a rumble, but don’t be afraid of me or it. Just hold my hand, look into my eyes and tell me to make the next step bravely and with love.

Give ‘Em Hell


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