Parenting Through Uncertain Times

As if the job weren’t hard enough already, we now get the added delight of parenting through a pandemic. Schools are closed, play dates are cancelled, daycare is done. It just us staring down the barrel of a too much and too little scenario all at once.

The world continues to turn however unjustly it feels at present. Work still needs to be done, the dishes still pile up in the sink, we all need to be kept alive and mostly sane. It can feel like an impossible ask.

We need to keep up the regular routine, but modify it so no one comes into contact with anyone or anything outside the home. We feel we need to keep our children occupied enough so that the iPad doesn’t melt their brains and yet Momma really needs a hot minute to herself, okay? Oh, and could we also take over educating our kids? P.S. We’ve all realized by now that teachers should be earning seven figures, haven’t we? Yeah, I thought so.

There is enough pressure among all this uncertainty and added responsibility to make even the most hardened parent crack. So let me let you off the hook. You’re doing just fine.

You don’t need to strive for perfection here. Good enough is good enough. You need to do just enough to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. Let the rest of it go. You don’t have to do cartwheels to entertain your kids and propel them into a phenomenal future by getting.every.single.thing.right.

Nope. You really don’t. So stop trying to be perfect.

This won’t last forever. It will last for what feels like forever, sure, but it won’t really be for the rest of time. Just let yourself take it five minutes at a time and know that you don’t have to be your child’s entire world for them to get through this. You don’t have to be the sun and the moon and the stars. You just have to get through it. There are no bonus points for style and grace here.

Whatever you are doing, just keep moving. Give yourself a break. Lock the bathroom door. Sneak a cookie or five. Just get through today, okay? You’ve got this.

One mitten, sister’s pajamas, shades and a snowsuit. Feels about right for right now.

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