Enough IS Enough

I’m learning to say “enough” this year.

I’m envious of all the people reading these fabulous books already in 2020. Reading lists and reading goals abound on social media. If I don’t check myself, I feel like a slacker.

I bit off a lot this year and I know it is going to push me in deep ways. I’m already committed to workouts, growing Element, managing two offices, finishing writing a book, parenting, being a stellar spouse, and learning Spanish. Oh, and my word for the year is healing, so I’ll also spend time in counseling, getting massages, figuring out my nutrition, deepening good relationships, etc.

If I only get a handful of books in this year, that’s okay. I need to be secure in the knowledge that I am enough just the way I am.

The time I used to spend listening to audio books is now spent listening to Spanish podcasts and watching Friends in espanol. I need to remind myself that as long as I am intentional about the way I spend my time – even if the intention is to “waste” it – that is okay.

I am okay. I am enough. I am confident in the decisions I make.

But feel free to tell me the cliff notes on the awesome books you’re reading. Or better yet, save a few for me for when reading in English becomes my priority again!

Give ‘Em Hell

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