You Need to Calm Down

This well-written rant came across my timeline. Buckle up, kids. This is going to be fun.

I wanted to write something that was not going to insult anyone, or tear anyone down, however I wanted to say how I really feel!
The subject I’m referring too is fat shaming!

In my opinion AMERICA has gone to far with being respectful of its overweight population. So much so, that we are creating a society that actually caters to bad eating, and being unhealthy!

Why is it ok to take a guy who is fighting with chemical dependency issues, and put him in jail, force him to stop the drug use, then rehabilitate him! Then send him out there to try sober life again.

Same situation, overweight person:
You have a dependency on sugar, and are incapable of beating this on your own.
No jail, no forceful way to make them quit, no chance anyone, will even say stop it to them!
Instead, when people are to big to get out of their bedroom, we the taxpayers will be footing the bill for their medical care, living expenses, and food. Their food!!! I can pay for more sugar and they can live and eat for free, continuing the cycle.
Unlike the guy on drugs, their is only help and aid for the food addiction sufferers!
We make bigger seats at restaurants, bigger portions, bigger drink holders, bigger everything to accommodate people with no self control.
Eating bad is an addiction, and being overweight does not run in your family, bad eating does!
This is a learned and passed on behavior, that is getting worse everyday. I have never seen more overweight children, or adults in my entire life.
Just like the drug user not running around showing his track marks off?? Why is overweight people wearing skimpy clothing? I mean be confident and proud, but don’t wear clothes that show your unhealthy life style off? More people these days are embracing it so much, that I see clothes that are two sizes to small on people that are obese.. we have done a bad thing making people feel like there is nothing wrong with being overweight..
FORGET VANITY, what about your HEALTH!
How many people are having a medical problem of some sort? 90% of the time it’s a food you eat causing it. In summation, I’m not upset with people for being sheeple and gaining weight. I’m upset with people feeling like it’s not ok to say something to a friend who is suffering. Please give me your thoughts, as I’m curious as to what others think.
If I offended anyone, I’m sorry.
All of us have addictions and we all have our own issues. I am not saying don’t love yourself, I’m saying be honest with yourself about what you love.

Wow. I would be upset if it weren’t so lame and transparent. I want you to see it though so you know what it is like to move through the world as a fat person.

The judgment and hostility against overweight people is real. It’s intense. The only thing, and I mean only thing, that gets me through it is knowing how hard I work to make it better. If I weren’t pushing myself in the gym and working non-stop on my diet, this kind of thing would crush me.

I am lucky. I have a place to park my identity. I get to say that I am an athlete. I know I am a warrior and I am so grateful for the body that takes me through a crazy hard 60 minutes at Epic. But I’ve also been on the other side of that. I’ve been unable to workout, or even work, because of my physical disability. If this person wants to judge people like me for the things we have survived, that makes me incredibly dismissive of his opinion of me.

Here is my response:

Wow! I feel so educated! Who knew the reason for my obesity was my ignorance, laziness and entitlement? My god, what an impact my fatness has had on your life. I had no idea you were being victimized in this tragic way.

I am obese. It is the result of debilitating cancer that kept me in bed for two years. Before that, I was a size six half Ironman racer.

I know, I know, this is about me being lazy and glutinous and not trying. Oh wait, but since then I have tried ten different diets. I have fasted for upwards of 5 days at a time. I bet I could smoke you in the gym if you had to wear 100 pounds of extra weight. I workout hard core 6 days a week but you’ve got my obesity, it’s causes, and the solutions dialed up in a grammatical mess of a Facebook rant.

If I sound angry, let me clarify. I’m not. I don’t let people like you get to me. I know who I am and what I have been through. I know how I fight every day for my health and wellness. And really, none of this has anything to do with you.

You are shaming a whole society of people who you know nothing about. You have no idea how I have cried in doctor’s offices looking for the answer. You have no idea what it is like to not fit into a chair or worry about an airplane ride. You have no idea how hard this battle has been and how hard I work to make just ounces of progress.

You aren’t fat? Congratulations. But the minute you espouse that you are better than me without even knowing me? Boy please. You don’t get that kind of power in my life. Now take a seat.

Sometimes it is not worth the fight. This time, because this person has daughters, human-beings who are perfectly imperfect, I thought he needed to hear my words. I wanted him to know that fat people aren’t bad people. His whole “lock them up” theory is dangerous to their well-being. They deserved to be loved for who they are, not despite what they are.

Yes, I will be loud and take up space when confronted with any kind of hate and intolerance. I am over being polite and quiet and sitting in my corner not making waves. You don’t have to love everything about everyone, but you do need to understand that life is hard and unrelenting. Making it harder for someone else does not make it easier for you. Stay in your lane. Do your own work. Love without hesitation and then move on. Life really is too short.

Give ‘Em Hell


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