The Joke’s On Them

I recently saw the video of Beni Bryant singing his guts out on X Factor. I know. It could sound lame, but just listen.

This song reminded me to never settle for the middle. It reminded me to pursue the beauty and the passion that is inside all of us. It reminded me to rejoice in the gifts we are given, and to refuse to take on the insecurities and judgments of others.

I struggle with this. Sometimes, when someone is hateful toward me, I let them steal my joy. But I won’t tonight. Tonight I will remember all the amazing things that have happened to me to make me the person I am. I have gentle ways. I run wild. I have had dirt kicked in my face and they have hated the way I shine. But I will shine. Better believe.

Find your own harmony, guys. Find your own way to shine. And then the joke’s on them. The more you rise, the louder their criticism is. Just keep the on the path. Don’t give up.

You’ve got this.

Give ‘Em Hell

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