The Inner Critic and the Open Heart

I stopped writing for a moment. I think I let something get into my head. I let myself believe that my words weren’t worth sharing.

Every creative, every human, struggles with the notion that their work, or who they are, is just not good enough. I step away from writing when I fail to make time to understand and appreciate the amazing, glorious person I am.

As I write those words of self praise, my inner critic scowls at me. It says, “Be humble. Hide your light. There are so many out there who are far more brilliant and gifted and simply better than you. Who are you to stand tall?”

I hear him. My inner critic is my constant companion. Is he not yours? But my response grants him no advantage. “There may be brighter stars in the sky. But,” I continue, and here is the key, “I’m not competing with them. I am just gazing at the simple, stunning work of creation that I am. I both marvel at the gifts of other’s and celebrate my own.” It’s as simple as that.

The trick in my life is to be so inspired by other’s amazing journeys that I continue to pursue my own. Certainly, the company I keep these days could overwhelm me and make me retreat into a narrative that confirms I am not nearly as worthy as they are. But the men and women (and children) whom I follow lead in the most organic, love-driven mode possible.

I know that great leaders, people of great character and who are subsequently the subject of incredible celebration and curiosity in my life, are those who lead from love. There is so much space created by the loving heart. It is like a never ending cave that goes deeper and wider as we fall inward toward each other.

I am free to say that I love myself deeply and sincerely because it makes my heart available to you. My healing heart is making space for yours. The tenderness for which I care for myself can also be shared with you.

You may sit under my umbrella in the rain, even if you kicked up mud at me a moment ago. The reason? Because I am not defined by who you are (for better or for worse). I am completely and solely on my own journey of love. I am only held to accountable by my own standards, not yours.

If you need to hear it today, know that you are loved. Know that you are welcome. Know that every moment is an opportunity to rewrite your ending. You need not suffer. Light is always there for you.

Give ‘Em Hell

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