Show Up Selfie

A picture a day (or however frequent I can keep this going) for each day I work out.

Today, it was unlikely to happen. I’m tired from the holidays. I had an early meeting. I had a lot of work to do. My body hurts. It is dark and cold and snowing. I had plenty of reasons not to go.

But still, there was that nagging feeling. Fortunately, my workout from yesterday inspired me to keep my streak going. Yesterday was a brutal ab workout. “Why let it go to waste?” I reasoned with myself. It was an argument that finally prevailed long enough for me to change my clothes and get outside.

I walked for an hour in the dark. The snow beneath my feet crunched as my headlamp lit the way forward. It was slow and I was nervous…The woods were dark and I was alone. But still, I pressed on.

I showed up. I didn’t do anything amazing in this workout. I walked slowly for an hour. But I showed up for myself. I decided to treat myself better than I would have normally. I took a lot of small steps in the direction I need to go.

I know things change slowly over time. I know the power of consistency. So here is proof positive of the effort. I made it today. Here’s a cheers to all the days ahead.

Give ‘Em Hell

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