Be gentle, Momma.

I know sometimes this job we have- this job of loving and nourishing and holding our children up- feels like an awfully heavy task. The truth is, it is. It is hard. It sometimes hurts. But remember, that pain is the blossom on love’s sweet vine. A beautiful, prickly, burden we carry because we wear our hearts on the outside, don’t you know.

Be patient, Momma.

I know it is difficult- near impossible even- to extend to ourselves the grace of patience. But we must try. The patience we lend ourselves is the same patience we are nurturing for them. Show them how to love and hold a space for hard in your safe, loving arms. Honor yourself and they will learn that rare gift for themselves.

Be present, Momma.

I know the days can feel oh so long- they wind and climb at a demanding pace. But don’t lose track of this moment. Do not surrender it to the never ending cascade of tasks and fears and insecurities that fall all around us. Don’t be sad for what is already lost or forgetful of what is rising up now. This is our only moment. Grab hold and hang on tightly.

Be brave, Momma.

I know the hole in our hearts that has been gnawed away by uncertainty- those millions of unanswerable questions that keep us awake at night. This battlefield is not for the weak. This love is a serious game. This bond is an all in bet. To put ourselves out there so exposed and raw is an incredibly fierce challenge. A challenge we rise to each and every day. Do not forget our strength, our courage, or our solidarity.

Be kind, Momma.

Because this day is all we have. This moment is ours to give away the love in our heart, to breath in the exquisiteness of our babies. Find forgiveness for the hearts and minds that tally up our transgressions and let kindness step in its place.

Remember, you are enough, Momma. You simply are.

Give ‘Em Hell

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