Little Feet

Do you know what joy is? Joy is the feel of my child’s silky hair. It’s the smell of her as she tucks herself into me for the night. It is her little feet pressed into me as we lay entwined together.

Do you know what love is? Love is hearing her  whimpering and crying down the hall from a nightmare, and easing into bed with her to keep her safe. Love is the feeling of her heartbeat as I rest my hand on her back. Love is blinking back tears as I think about how incredible this little person is, and how she won’t be little for long.

Do you know what purpose is? Purpose is being in the right moment at the right time. It is being of service. It is sharing wisdom with those who need to hear it. 

Tonight, I’m so grateful for these things. I’m grateful to be in this impossibly beautiful moment, snuggling with one of the loves of my life, listening to the rain outside, feeling that I was meant to be here doing this exact thing. I was spared, after all. What else can I make of the incredible gift of this moment? 

Give ‘Em Hell

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