Be Well

What is wellness? For me, it is the joining of physical and mental health. The place where both needs intersect and balance is restored.

Wellness is having options paired with the capacity and freedom to pursue the path I choose. It is having the integrity of body, mind and soul to move forward. 

I’m reminded of wellness today as I retrace the steps of a younger, frailer me. A girl who was just 21 but who was brave enough to start new and damaged enough to know it would take a long, long time to heal. I moved out west to capture a fresh start. I needed a moment to find myself in a new life far from home and bad habits.

I have walked the same halls I did so many years ago. I can so vividly see the girl I was. I can see the seeds that have taken root and grown into something sturdy and permanent. She feels like a distant memory and like a delicate treasure at the same time. 

Of course, it sharply brings to mind the thousands of ways my life could have been different. Life is a series of tiny decisions that wear away at the rock of life like a river through a canyon. Over time, I am shaped and contoured into stunning shapes and edges by the choices I have made and the joys and sorrows I have endured. I am a million tiny pieces. The magic that has created this life completely humbles me and brings gratitude to my heart.

I walk alongside the younger me, re-experiening the wonder and fear and uncertainty and courage that it took to reclaim my place in this world so many years ago. I am so proud of that girl and I am so grateful for the vision she created. I know she would be happy to see what her courage created- and today, that is everything.

Give ‘Em Hell

View from my home: Lone Peak, Big Sky Montana

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