Crushed Cancer

Cancer has rejuvenated my artistic, creative side- a part of me that was dying on the vine before my diagnosis. I like to create with my hands, mostly. I like the feeling of working with a material, getting to know it intimately, and then forming the muscle memory to sculpt it and make it respond the way I want it to. I like the accomplisment of spending hours with a skill or craft until I can turn something out that is pretty perfect. 

Creating also takes my mind away from stress. It interrupts the cycle of “what ifs” and “uh ohs.” It allows me to channel my energy into something productive. It’s no surprise then that my work has gravitated toward one of two groups: making pieces for people I love, and making pieces for other cancer warriors. The first group is self-explanatory. The second touches a place in my soul that I don’t really have words for.

Creating art and sending it off to other people who have fought the same (or similar) battles that I have makes me feel more powerful than disease. It makes me feel connected and part of a network of strength and unity I wouldn’t otherwise experience. The people who own a piece of my work also own a piece of my heart. I send in every carefully crafted package a spirit of solidarity and resliency to each and every recipient. I love getting to know the stories behind the client’s I create for, and I’m only a little embarrassed to admit the sugary goopy fact that I also send my love and best wishes in each shipment.

I posted a few of my new ideas on a young cancer Facebook group I belong to. These amazing souls enthusiastically encouraged me to go from plan to product. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, I humbly invite you to enjoy (and share and purchase) the products from Crushed Cancer. These products are definitely aimed at a younger audience so Mom and Dad (and Grandmas and Patty) you can skip the preview and just wish me luck instead. 

I love you all and thank you for always supporting me and the things in this life that inspire me and keep me going.

Give ‘Em Hell

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