What To Do When Feeling Stressed: A Sample Guide by Katie Mazurek

  • Pick a project. Any project. Throw yourself entirely and completely into said project. It is best if this project also demands considerable time and effort from an unsuspecting participant. (Husbands make excellent assistants! Sure, he might not understand why the 800lb dresser that has been sitting in the living room suddenly needs a fresh coat of paint and to be relocated around several spots in your house. But hey, he’s a good sport.) Grab some brushes and make 50 trips to Ace to find that exact (wrong) shade of paint to reinvigorate your home. Try not to get annoyed when the paint color doesn’t really work in ideal room, then abandon project in ill fitting area of home.
  • If one project serves as a good distraction, considering doing two or three more at the same time. Is your participant getting wearing? Try attempting to persuade him by explaining how these “improvements” will make a positive, meaningful difference in his life. Be sure to mention that you are, in fact, being selfless by creating such a lovely space for him. Because of course he appreciates subtle decorative flourishes and proper furniture placement as much as you do.
Shelf built by Tom Mazurek and poorly styled by Katie Mazurek.
  • Try doing something nice for someone else. Perhaps guide a float down a river for teen brain cancer survivors. Attempt to make yourself invisible so as not to disturb this delicate age group and risk appearing uncool. Fail miserably.
    Dozens of boats lined up for Camp Mak-A-Dream float.
  • Connect with people you care about. Have a group or mission you are passionate about? Get behind it and get some work done. Shamelessly promote yourself for more work to keep your hands and mind occupied.

  • Eat the ice cream. And the cookies. And maybe some Lucky Charms. Healthy can wait for easier days- broccoli and kale aren’t going anywhere.
  • Feel bad about eating ice cream. Text best friend to guilt her into absurdly long race in near future. Begin planning race outfit. #halfironman2019
  • Go for joy ride in new (to us) minivan. Realize how sexy it is that your husband doesn’t need to drive a cool car, go on lavish dates, or keep up pretenses. Realize he spent all weekend doing things for you, for people who have suffered, and your daughters- all without complaining. Make out in minivan.
May have to try this setup at some point. Car camping here I come!

Give ‘Em Hell

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