Life got tough again.


I was just getting used to the easier flow, a little less resistance as I swim my way upstream. Turns out, I am not designed for the easy road just yet. Nope. I have a little more fight left in me.

The biggest plot twist is that it is time for my beloved friends at work to move on. There isn’t any juicy drama to unpack (sorry to disappoint), it’s just a changing of the season. My two girls have supported me, saved me, and are the reason I even have Element still today. I love them, I respect them, I want them to be happy and bananas successful out on their own. I know they want the same for me. What we accomplished as a team this past year and a half was awesome. 

Still, the transition is painful for me. But two opposing things can exist in the same moment. I can shed tears over the end of an era and still be completely understanding and supportive of the change. That’s what happens when you love someone, I think. You recognize their needs above and beyond the function of your own relationship with them. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with both of them and I am going to miss them like crazy in the end.

This change has challenged me. I was working with people whom I trusted, admired, and liked. That is rare. The depths of our struggles as a firm  family throughout my diagnosis have created a bond that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It hurts to be pulled away from that kind of support. It’s scary, it’s sad, and it’s costing me a fortune in Kleenex.

It is in moments like this that I have to remember who I am. I have to step away from thinking like a victim to thinking like the survivor that I am. I have to coach myself up that hill and remember what called me to this work in the first place. 

I do this work because I want to help people. And honestly, I love it. I love helping clients through a difficult time because I feel like kind of an expert in hard. Offering support and guidance when people are hurting is meaningful, powerful work. It’s an absolutle privilege. I feel blessed to be able to do it. I still have lots of dreams for what Element might become, and I’m far from giving up that.

Life has thrown me some other curve balls lately that makes everything feel out of sorts and difficult. I’m remembering how to be patient and stay the course. I know everything will sort out just fine even when I cannot see what that will look like. I just need to keep my chin up, remember that I have what I need to thrive, and keep climbing that mountain. 

See you at the peak.
Give ‘Em Hell

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