Today I worked from Big Sky doing what I could to memorize my presentation for Tedx. I walked outside in the woods rehearsing my lines, simultaneously alerting bears to my presence and annoying anything that can comprehend human speech, I’m certain.

It was one of those stunningly sunny Montana days. The days where the temperature reads 45 but it feels like 60 because of the warm bath of sun on your face. Yes, it was a splendid, beautiful, wonderful day.

As I drove home through the canyon, I couldn’t help but get swept away in the awe inspiring grandeur of the snow topped mountains and the river sparkling in the sun. Montana has this way of flirting with me. A lover imprinted on my heart. The sheer beauty of this place restores my faith in all things good. Today felt like a promise of happiness that had been made to me a lifetime ago and that was finally coming into season. The mountains sang to me a sweet song of redemption and I basked in that hopeful glow.

One of the absolute gifts of cancer is being able to recognize a good thing when you see it. I am an expert in teasing out the silver lining, not that today was a challenge. Today, life showed up as an uncomplicated beautiful gift. The lightness of my spirit these days makes me float a foot off the ground. I am saturated in hope. My eyes are on the sky wondering just how high I can soar and I’m not even hesitating to give it a shot.

Life is short. I am dreaming big dreams, curious like a child discovering the wonders of the world around me. Knowing me, I’ll probably blaze a new trail and unabashedly explore new territory on the map and within my own heart. Hang on kids, we’re going for a ride.

Give ‘Em Hell. 

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  1. Jen Fussell says:

    That stretch of road is one I drove thousands of times growing up in both Bozeman & West Yellowstone. One day when I was 17, after my mom died, my dad & I were driving from West to Bozeman and I was watching the clouds roll over the mountains and I said it was the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. My dad replied, “They’ve gotten you to fall in love with them. You’re are a mountain woman for life now.” Sweet space that is.

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  2. Margaret Catherine Rankin says:

    Katie for President!

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  3. PillowHell says:

    Your optimism is contagious!

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