Katie’s Over Cancer

I am wrapping up my final treatments these days, I’m basically crossing the finish line. Yes, I have major reconstruction left but I’m ignoring that and instead I’m focusing on the major milestone of the end of actively combating this disease. Cancer is starting to appear in the rear view mirror and I want to share the joy I’m feeling.

I want to remind you how meaningful your life is. If you are reading this, chances are you have given me some loving vibes this past year. Every act- from the prayers and donations, childcare, errands, kind notes and thoughtful gifts in the mail- has piled on to create a mountain of love that was bigger than the battle. I am here today because you were here for me. It’s a beautiful circle of life and love that has changed everything for me.

I have a lot of proper “thank yous” to write. A lot of people have yet to know how deeply they moved me. None of it has gone unnoticed, all of it has been meaningful. My goals moving forward include making sure I reciprocate that kindness and actively paying it forward. I hope to live a long life full of generous acts of love and care, the same as what was so freely given to me.

The future is bright. I believe in doing all things with love, from the way I raise my family to the way I do my job to my commitment to my community. I believe goodness will not be denied in this world. It may be delayed but never defeated. I am an unsinkable vessel for positive change and deep connection in this world.

So here is what I will offer you: I will continue to share love with you.

My love will be in my writing. I will continue to be vulnerable and I will continue to fight for big dreams and happier times. I will continue to build the life I can be proud of. I will continue to wrestle with the hard stuff, to question, to grow, and to learn. I will bring that here for you so that we may embark on the bumpy road of life together. For life-affirming connection makes us all feel a little less afraid of the dark.

I also believe you will get to see more of my dry humor, a sarcastic wit that was forged while growing up in the mid-West. Lighter times inspire lighter writing. Even though my grammar and sentence syntax is sometimes deplorable (I’m sorry to all you academics) I’m going to keep going because no one has booed me off the stage yet.

So today I’m singing a happy song. I’m directing love, light, hope and happiness right at you. I wish I could break off a piece of the swelling gratitude and joy I have in my heart right now. Perhaps I have with these humble words. Perhaps I could be so fortunate.

Keep the faith, friends. I’m thinking of you, holding you up, and sharing the love. Stay strong, believe in miracles, and be patient for the storm to pass. It will resolve, and I will remain a partner on the path.

Give ‘Em Hell.

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  1. lclaice says:

    Just came across your posts and was so refreshed by your writing. I love your spirit and attitude! I’m the youngest in my family to get cancer, but I was older than you when first diagnosed. Your words have resonated in my heart. Chemotherapy robbed me of my eloquence and I struggle to find the words to describe my feelings. I found my words again through you! Thank you for sharing your heart through this journey.


  2. Rose Rademan says:

    Right back at you Katie! You moved me and inspired me and I thank you for your wonderful gift of writing and sharing. You’re the best example of grace under fire…all I did was pray for you and share some posts, but I know my prayers were heard and answered. God Bless you and yours.

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  3. Barbara Nolan says:

    Thank you for being a light even when your world seemed dark.

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  4. Cindy Cunningham says:

    Congratulations, Katie and your beautiful family. You’ve enriched my life with your posts! I know you will continue to pay it forward/ That’s how you are wired. May your health continue to improve! All good news.

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