Election Day: What I Need to Say Before You Vote

Here’s my final thoughts before we all go vote on I-182. This is short and sweet because I’m sore and tired from surgery…lucky you.

Listen, I have cancer. It’s still weird to write that after over 9 months in treatment. All I’m asking is that we do our best to support the sick and suffering in our state. What we have now (SB 423) is not our best. It is legislation that was aimed at failure and it does just that- it fails thousands of us who need access to medical marijuana.

Why do we need it? For some of us, it’s the only thing that helps. For others, it’s the best solution. Some of us just prefer it to our other options. And yes, we should have options when it comes to our health care. 

I am acutely aware of the arguments against medical marijuana and not a single one touches anywhere near the gravity and severity of a sick person’s life without access to medicine they need. The rules and regulations put in place by I-182 make medical marijuana safer and more responsible while also protecting the integrity of our citizens (sick and healthy) and our state. All in all, I-182 is the solution that makes sense both for patients who need access and for citizens who are concerned about regulating use. We can accomplish both things- like mending a fence. You fix it because it’s broken, and also to make sure it works and does its job properly. I-182 mends the fence, friends. (For my more detailed analysis, click here.)

I urge you to vote YES on I-182 to help patients like me. I sure didn’t get into cancer for the pot, you guys. But now that I’m here, please help me fight. Let’s keep all the options on the table so I can kick cancer in the can and live to fight another day. 

Give ‘Em Hell

P.S. If you want to discover the faces of legitimate medical marijuana users and their stories, please see the incredible Bobby Long’s work. He photographed patients all over the state and nothing compares to the compassion and sincerity captured by his images. 

Photo Credit: Bobby Long

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  1. Walter Millsap says:

    Katie when I was first admitted to Kalispell Medical / Brendon House, with stage 4 prostate Cancer, all of my doctors could talk to me about was my need for Chemo and Radiation treatments.I still had the presence of mind to say; hell no !! I know better than to take something that is sooo, unnatural to my body’s chemistry, I’m doing it My Way, After 30 days in the hospital, I was wheeled out in a wheel chair, to Glacier Airport for a flight to Utah and then to my sisters home in Pleasant View, Utah. There I was put on full Hospice treatment because of my poor condition and was able to get full service at the Veteran’s hospital in Salt Lake. I was 112 pounds and very weak bodied,I couldn’t walk without help so I used a walker for the first month. Needless to say My hospital stay wasn’t pleasant at all. Pills 24/7 with shots in my stomach every 8 hours,I couldn’t eat because of the pills making me feel nausea around food,so I drank a lot of protein drinks. The shots were hurting longer and longer so I had to take oxycodone for the pain in my stomach and my feet. Finally I had, had enough of the of getting worse off with medications so I stopped all but my pain pills for my feet. and My friends brought me organic food, vitamins,minerals, Mushroom capsules and great smoothies to go with the foot baths and foot massages.all to little avail. I needed CBD oil and some good smoke to go with it, which I was able to get all within 2 weeks of my arrival. Marijuana is illegal in Utah and my sister was reluctant at first to let me smoke it there. My recovery really started a few days later with the addition of ” Ormus Minerals ” Mushrooms caps,spring water, Almond /Coconut milk /oil And Flax seed oil.Organic food,etc. My VA doctors had a hard time with me because I still refused all Chemo and Radiation treatments,except the 6 month hormone shot,but had all of my blood tests/ x rays and scans, and of course I had any thing needed from the pharmacy. My doctors were also very taken by my quick recovery from my original ER, PSA score of 2091 down to 221 in 8 months and I was 140 pounds, to boot !! Still wanted to use Radiation for spots on my spine and left hip. I cut out all Hospice nurse visits and the VA was put on hold until December for more tests and a scan. I moved out of my sister’s home back to Bigfork, Montana into a nice place next to the lake. here I am in full recovery mode. I am still taking my CBD oil daily with some good smoke that I have to keep away from my home to avoid problems with the law and my landlady. That can all change for the better on November 8th and truthfully I believe that after meeting and talking with so many shop owner’s store owner’s and people in offices in Bigfork, while handing out I-182 flyers, that we are going to win by a good margin. Take care Peace and Love …. Walter

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    1. Wow, that’s incredible. Glad you are well, Walter!


  2. marge rankin says:

    Yes, Katie. Jerry (remission lymphoma) and I (wife) will vote for 182. We were lucky that treatment was in the days when he could get marijuana. His provider, a very professional young man referred to him by the oncology dept, was devastated when he realized he had to choose among his very needy clients,eliminating services to people who desperately needed them…..how can folks sitting in a in a big room hammer out a bill that means thousands of people will be suffering unnecessary pain?

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