Secret Messages

Tonight Elle wanted to make a campfire to send messages to me. In her imagination, the sparks of the fire’s flames would rise into the night sky and I would be able to see them from where I am, thousands of miles away. 

So I’m heading outside to look at the stars and the messages of love my biggest little has sent me. And out there I’ll look for her beautiful face in those constellations, and feel her unguarded hugs in the warm breeze. Maybe if I’m really lucky and I listen hard enough, the wind will carry her sweet singing to me. 

And in return, I have this message for her:

I’m so sorry I’m away, my darling. But I will send my messages of love back to you with the sunrise tomorrow. That warm sunshine will be my hug, and when it rains it will be me showering you with kisses. I will send the butterflies and birds to watch over you- so look for them to know I am close by and not nearly as far away as you fear.

You have my heart and all my love.


Give ‘Em Hell.

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  1. Pam Schindler says:

    Just simply Beautiful..

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  2. Lisa Hammond says:

    Katie, nothing is more important than what you shared tonight with your daughters…you should be very proud of them, your husband, your Mom & Dad, your family, and, most of all, yourself…there is NOTHING that can separate you from their love, our love, and God’s love and OUR collective faith that there will be a brighter tomorrow. ❤️ Love you and continue to “Give ‘Em Hell” to the Big C !!! Love, Lisa

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  3. Lorraine says:

    Tears…how blessed Elle and Sophie are to have a Mom like you!!
    You need to be a writer…or shall I say you already are. Now it’s time soar!!!

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  4. PillowHell says:

    As trying as this all is, you’ll all look back and see how it made you stronger. Hang in there… Each day is one day closer to your return.

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  5. Kelly McCloy says:

    Katie, you will never know how deeply you touch my heart! I dreamt the other night I went to your daughters first day of kindergarten just to tell her how much her mommy loves and misses her. I also told her how special you are to me. I love you and pray you get to come home healthy and soon💜

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    1. Ah! Tears. Thank you for being there for me and for thinking of me. ❤️


  6. Cynthia Spethman says:

    Katie this is absolutely beautiful all the way through the soul. You are amazing and gifted like no one I know. Give em hell! Cynthia

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