Here Comes The Sun

Up up and away! 

I’m heading out to Seattle today to investigate some surgical options and, more importantly, visit my dear friend, Beth. I’m watching the sunrise over the Bridger mountains and I cannot help but be moved by how fast light filters in through the dark and how awesome the forces of nature are that created the beauty and the power of these mountains.  When I arrived at the airport it was dark enough that the stars were clear and bright. When just a sliver of light broke through from the sunrise, everything has changed. It is stunning. It reminds me to tap into my own quiet strength and patient optimism as I adventure forward this weekend. 

And so, I’m choosing faith. I’m choosing optimism. My friend Siobhan set up a GoFundMe page where people can donate to help support our family during this incredibly difficult financial period. The donations have already started coming in and I’m so touched and completely humbled by people’s generosity toward us. We seem to have caught a lot of bad breaks with timing and finances lately, but I firmly believe in the love and support of our friends and family. We have an incredible village that is growing every day, and with them, I know we will get through this. 

So I am choosing that the sun will break through in our lives, and I’m handing over my burdens and focusing on living here and now. I can feel that my tumors have shrunken considerably, almost to the point that I can no longer feel them. It’s an awesome outcome. Modern medicine is saving me, my village is holding me up, and I am going to go on to live one hell of a life.

If you feel compelled to help us financially, or if you already have, thank you for your beautiful gift. Part of fighting a successful fight is feeling like you have some control over your fate. Financial freedom means I can turn my attention to the necessary task of living and taking care of myself, and not being sucked under by fear and anxiety around medical bills, lost wages, and emergencies. It means a clear mind and a lighter heart when the hospital bill collection calls come, or when that unforeseen expense arises. It is holding my heart in your hands and reassuring me it’s going to be okay. 

So thank you for loving the Mazurek family. We love you right back. We wouldn’t be here without you, in fact, so thank you for walking this journey alongside us. 

Go forward today knowing good things happen all around us and that you have the power to make a difference. I know this to be true and I’m experiencing the power of good intentions every day. 

I’ve got to run now. It’s my time to fly.

A little morning pick-me-up: Here Comes The Sun.

Give Em’ Hell.

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  1. Amanda (Ruis) Skeel says:

    Katie, I hate that this should be how we reconnect after so many years, but I just have to send you my love and let you know that I am thinking of you. Aunt Barb was just telling me about you and your family over Christmas, and I was thrilled to know you were doing so well. (And I was surprised to find out you are an attorney, as I just graduated from law school last year myself!) I’m sick to think of what you are going through now, but I can see from your blog that you are handling it with strength and grace, as I think only you could. Not even this can dim the light you bring to the world. I hope that the hardest part of the journey is now behind you and that your treatment will ultimately be successful. Sending all my love and goodwill to you and your beautiful family. XOXO


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