Race 2

This weekend I’ll be running in the Riverbank Run in Missoula. This is a race Tom and I participated in when we lived there during law school and it is always a blast. It is very well attended, has a great race day atmosphere, and it is run smoothly and professionally with a lot of support and excitement. Shortly said: I’m so stoked!

This race offers three courses and I have decided to participate in two: a 1 mile and a 5k. I have an urge to try to run “fast” and so I’m going to open it up a bit on the one mile. I say “fast” because, 1. In no world am I actually ever considered truly fast- even when I’m healthy. I’m not a light build, I’m more of a “slow and steady” type. And, 2. I haven’t actually run more than a few paces in several months. Chemo has kind of blasted my muscle strength and stamina but that’s okay! The weather is finally getting nice here and I just want to feel the wind in my hair (rather, on my naked scalp) and enjoy the heart-pounding, lungs burning feeling that comes with pushing yourself. I pressed my oncologist for any reason why this wouldn’t be safe and he basically said I couldn’t hurt myself. I’m not a porcelain doll, I’m alive, and I’m going to enjoy the pleasure and the pain of this run. I want to drink in the beauty of this season, the energy of the race, and the amazing opportunity I have to live this incredible life. It’s going to be great!

After the mile, I’m going to cool down with the 5k. It will be really nice to walk with fellow Missoulians along the river, taking in the sites and enjoying the upbeat vibe. Once again, I’ll be thinking about all my family and friends who have shared their love and encouragement with me as well as their stories of inspiration and struggle. I’ll carry you all with me in my walk of solidarity and be mindful or our awesome, if not always easy, places in this world. 

If you’re out and about on Saturday, I’ll be wearing my hot pink Katie Over Cancer shirt so hollar at me! I’m looking forward to seeing some old friends and catching up with some wonderful people. I hope you all go forward into the weekend thinking about who you love and what you are grateful for and that you feel a sense of joy and peace upon that reflection.
Give em’ hell.

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  1. Rita S. Pollak says:

    Go Katie, I think of you every day and am in awe of your strength and grace!

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    1. Thank you, Rita! You are often on my mind, too. Looking forward to seeing you again in the fall.


  2. Katie, my name is J L and your mom and mine are friends here in Petoskey. I read several of your posts and have to say you are doing a great job. The way you are describing your journey through this chapter in your life is bound to help people in the same situation. You should think about putting this into a book format. Keep up the great work, both in your writing and with your family. Good luck this weekend with your race.

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    1. Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. Thank you for reaching out!


  3. Louise Rowan says:

    So Proud of you! Indiana girl. I too will run my run on Saturday and be mindful you. Happy Mother’s Day Katie.
    weezie. Just spent 4 days with Beth.

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